FunPot is a marijuana SEO specialist company based in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Our goal is to help marijuana-related businesses and entrepreneurs develop a strong online foundation for their businesses and achieve higher online rankings and—ultimately—greater sales.

At FunPot, our goal is to give your marijuana or cannabis business every advantage in selling your products or bringing customers to your cyber and physical doorstep. Cannabis marketing is, undoubtedly, an avant garde niche that is concurrent with the digital times. In other words, marijuana doesn’t have the same commercial and advertising clout enjoyed by almost every other business in the world.

Marijuana businesses rely almost entirely on websites and online ads to reach their consumers and promote their products and services. Because marijuana is a niche industry, ensuring that your website’s search engine visibility and rankings are always at their highest is key to developing—and maintaining—a thriving business.

FunPot is itself a marijuana niche business, and our goal is to develop mutually-beneficial relationships with our customers based on fantastic SEO results. The more successful websites we help build, the more likely we are to attract more customers in the future. At FunPot, it’s a win-win for marijuana businesses, where we help you take advantage of search engine optimization to grow and fully-establish your business, and together, we bring the marijuana industry a little bit closer to the commercial spotlight.

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